10w g4 halogen replacements
Chips:4PCS 0.5W Samsung2323SMD
Luminous Flux90-110lm
SizeL23x D10.2
Voltage:1) 12VAC 50/60Hz
2) 12VDC
3) 12VAC Electronic Transformer
Lamp BaseG4

Consumption Power: 1W
Voltage: 12V DC/AC
Operating frequency: 50/60HZ
Luminous Flux: 90~110LM
Ra: >80RA
CCT: 2700/4200/6000K(optional)
Chips Brand: Samsung
Light Source: Samsung 2323SMD
LED Quantity: 4PCS
Beam Angle: 350°
Lamp Base: G4 pin
Lifespan: >35,000 hours
3 years warranty
certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC, GS, TUV, UL


85% energy cost saving
Mercury FREE
Perfect Luminous Flux: 110LM @1W
Anti-UV Lens Perfect refraction
PBT housing Anti-color changed
Almost the same size as Osram 10w halogen (D10.2xL23mm)
Copper heat sink Excellent heat-dissipation
Osram Standard G4 pin

The 12V 10w g4 halogen replacements led Capsule is an energy saving replacement for your existing G4 capsules which uses just 1 watts and emit 100LM brightness which is equivalent to a 10 watt halogen.

the 12V 10w g4 halogen replacements led adopts 4pcs samsung 2323SMDs (Surface Mounted Diodes) and gives out both warm white, nature white and cool white. Warm white (2,700K) gives a soft, orangey-yellow light, Nature white (4,200K) is nature color tends to sun light, while cool white (6,000K) is a bright, clear light.

G4 LED Bulbs commonly use 80% less energy and have a life-span more than 26,000 hours, it is a very cost effective lighting option. furthermore, G4 LED Bulbs do not contain mercury and reach full brightness instantaneously.

This bulb is almost the same size as a traditional halogen.

All our LED Bulbs are manufactured in accordance with CE and RoHS standards.

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