led post top 30W 2835SMD 277Vac
Product name LED Corn Light
Part No ENK-CL12A-30W
Light Type Corn Light
Dimension L210x D90
Technical    Characteristic
Color Warm white Natural white Cool white Cold  white
Color temperature 2700-3200K 4000-4500K 6000-6500K 7000-7500K
CRI 70-80 70-80 70-80 70-80
Lumen 3129 3249 3372 3480
Lumen Efficacy 104.3 108.3 112.4 116.4
Input Power 30 W
Viewing Angle 360 degree
Input Voltage AC90-265V    50/60Hz
PFC >90%
Equivalent 250W incandescent / 80W CFL
Waterproof Rating IP20
LED Type SMD2835
Housing PC
Housing color White
Operating Temperature  -20℃  TO  45℃
Operating Humidity 20%-70%  RH
Storage Temperature  -30℃  TO  80℃
Storage Humidity 10%-75%  RH
Application Indoor
Enviroment Protection RoHS
Safety Certification CE
Warranty Time 3  Years

led post top 30W 2835SMD application: Acorn, Tunnel Lamps, Global Fixture, Garden Lawn, Area illumination, Parking lot, Post top, Garage light, Wall Pack

  • Energy saving and long life-span: lifespan is up to 35,000 hours, compared with incandescent 1000 hours, CFL 8000 hours,
  • ECO-friendly: soft light and No ultraviolet and infrared light, without lead, mercury and xenon in the products(coventional energy saving lamp contains harmfull materials such as mercury or lead, and its electronic ballast will produce electromagnetic interference)
  • High Light efficiency: incandescents only convert 20% into lighting, other 80% are wasted, the led lighting can covert 80% energy into lighting,
  • CE EMC/LVD tested, Rohs compliant, Internal Driver, input AC96-300V, 360degree lighting High CRI
  • Large heat sink: Aluminum 6063 housing + PC cover to make sure it will be dust proof
  • Instant start, NO flickering/humming/warm-up
  • Easy to install and operate

Package LED Corn Lamp 80w E40 Cap - Replaces 320w SON GES

Size Qty/ Carton Net Weight/ Carton Gross Weight/ Carton
inner box 330*120*120mm 1 0.65kg 0.80kg
outer box 510*380*350mm 12 7.80kg 10.60kg

widely used for warehouse, storage room, building, corridor, museum, coffee shop, supermarket, office, factory, workshop, street landscape, shop mall, entertainment lighting.

application-LED Corn Light 60w E40 Cap- Replaces 250w Metal Halide

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